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storage solutionsDo you live in a city and have little storage space in your home or apartment? Do you’ve lived in your home for some time and have accumulated more than you can handle? Have you outgrown your current office space but moving isn’t an option right now? SFMS provides storage for every sort of residential and commercial requirement. Short and long-term storage arrangements are available. Moving and storage of your most important personal and professional assets just got a lot easier. We pick your things up, store them and simply charges you a monthly service fee. Offering temporary and long-term residential and business options, SFMS makes it easy to store your assets for as long as you need.

SFMS has the warehousing and storage solutions for a variety of needs. Whether you have to store your household various items, business-related goods or files and documentation, we certainly have the appropriate storage space to match with these particular requirements. No matter where you are currently located, SFMS will offer you a storage place readily accessible close by.

Convenient Warehouse and Storage

Our warehouse and storage selections for household and business goods are versatile to match your particular requirements. We provide both short- and long-term storage with very competitive rates. We can easily pick up your items to be placed in the storage, then we prepare their pickup or transport when you are ready to get them back. Our inventory management helps to ensure that while your goods are stored with us, we know precisely where they are for expedited pickup and transport.

Safe and Clean Storage Space

Modern warehouses we use are complex facilities equipped with fire and anti-theft systems, 24-hour monitoring and completely secured areas. Relax guaranteed that when your items are in our hands, they will always be saved in perfectly stored.

If you are interested in warehousing and storage, fill out our online quote form today for a free quote.

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