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residential relocation servicesSan Francisco Moving Services are fully equipped, safe, affordable and reliable services to move your entire home or apartment, or simply one piece of furniture. We provide wrapping and packing, transport and storage for residential moving services anywhere in the United States and most international destinations. Our experienced team can move just about anything to just about anywhere, and can handle everything from concert pianos, large pieces of fine art, delicate crystal and gentle antiques to complicated contemporary electronics and computers with the gentle touch they require. Our personnel are experts at moving and protecting your special, out-of-the-ordinary goods. San Francisco Moving Services professionals can pack or crate your valuable items. We offer specialized crating for delicate and ornate items such as sculptures, chandeliers, or fragile bone china, glassware and antiques. With our individual approach to each job we are available 7 days a week to pack and move your entire household or just one piece of furniture.

At San Francisco Moving Services, we know how overwhelming the moving process is generally. To help minimize much of the nervous tension, we’ve provide you with this detailed information to explain just how moving with San Francisco Moving Services will work!

Step 1 – Prepare Your actual Move

Fill out the form on this page to begin the free moving estimate procedure. Our representative will certainly get in touch with you to arrange a free in-home evaluation and figure out your moving needs. This guarantees you will receive the most correct quote.

Moving Tip : When performing your in-home appraisal, say to the agent about any specific items you won’t be moving.

Step 2 – Pack and Load

Our packing specialists will come before your actual move to get started on packing. On relocating day, we will inventory your belongings that have to be relocated and give you an inventory form you have to sign. Once signed, the loading procedure starts.

Moving Tip: When packing, divide items depending on who are moving them: our crew or you. This will eliminate any misunderstandings at the time of loading.

After loading, the driver will let you know when to expect your shipment delivery in accordance with your pre-planned window of delivery. You will get a phone call within 24 hours of your delivery, which will be your eventual confirmation. You should provide the driver with your contact information.

Step 3 – Delivery and Your Payment

Please be on your property to meet the driver, who can regularly wait up to two hours for you. If you do not get there inside of that period of time extra waiting time fees could occur.

Pay our representative or van driver at your new residence by cash, certified check or traveler’s check. If you would like to use credit cards, please request this in advance.

Step 4 – Unload and Unpack

After your items are unloaded, the driver will ask for your signature on almost all shipping documents. If something has been missing or broken, please note these items on the inventory form before you sign.

Moving Tip : Our drivers will have to assemble bed frames and unpack bed mattress to setup all beds. Please contact our representative if you want some additional services.

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